Money well – not well – spent?

Remember the $250 million forestry industry incentive package announced by the Lord government a couple of years ago?

It seems to have worked (tongue firmly planted in cheek). Two more sawmills have been shuttered (Petitcodiac and Freddy) bringing the number to a staggering 13 mills. Then there’s the shutdown of the UPM mill in Miramichi. In addition, several furniture manufacturers are downsizing.

Money well spent, I guess.

Here’s a weird idea. Why wasn’t that $250 million spent to diversify us out of those problem sectors? There’s hardly a dime for developing new sectors but $250 million to try and prop up a dying sector. Hmmmm.

Even within the forestry sector why not try and convert into more value added products? Pellets for consumer energy in Europe? Other value added stuff?

I know that some will decry an Irving conspiracy. Who knows?

I did hear something interesting. It’s totally unconfirmed but I heard the Irvings are bring up trees from Latin America to use in their pulp mill.