Revenge of the fragile Premier

I can’t remember his name but it was one of that string of British Columbia Premiers who didn’t even last one term due to scandal or early election. Anyway, this guy was livid when UPS decided to consolidate its call centre activity from across Canada into New Brunswick. He threatened to take McKenna to some tribunal for ‘raiding’ B.C. jobs.

That was then, this is now.

Now B.C. is positioning itself as a ‘nearshore’ location for U.S. call centres. A position that should be held by New Brunswick.

Or at least it would have been ‘back in the day’ – as they say.

I never thought I would have seen the day that British Columbia is more aggressive about economic development than New Brunswick. But with the Pacific Gateway, the animation sector development and now the ‘nearshore’ development, the day has come.

I’m getting old.