Rest easy, our saviour has arrived

The CEP is coming to the rescue. From a press release yesterday:

Northern New Brunswick is in the midst of an economic crisis that is likely to get a lot worse, says the Atlantic Region Vice-President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) and his Union plans to do something about it.

“We in the CEP have no intention of sitting idly by while communities like Miramichi suffer the consequences of mill closures and cut backs. We intend to lead a campaign to find a better way – as a province – to deal with the loss of thousands of good paying jobs.”

“This train for change is leaving the station,” Mr. Cronk said. “The Miramichi event on Sunday is only the beginning of our efforts to build a better way. We think the revitalization of the economy must become the number one priority for all levels of government and they need to open the process for input from all stakeholders.”

I don’t know. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe the union will be able to put its deeply vested interests aside.

But that comment from a union rep. back in the 1990s still rings in my ears. He said, refering to the REPAP mill that was going through a crisis, “we’ll shut this plant down before we take a dollar an hour pay cut“.

I wonder if there has been a little learning since then.