Pacific, Continental, Atlantic – everyone wants to be a ‘Gateway’ these days

I wonder if Maude Barlow will be organizing mass protests and stirring up confusion about this initiative or does she just like picking on the poor and the down trodden?

Ontario and Quebec with the Feds are partnering to develop a ‘gateway trade corridor’ with the United States.

The Canadian government already put $600 million in the Pacific Gateway initiative which is designed to facilitate more trade between the west and the U.S.

Poor old Atl. Canada has an ‘Atlantic Gateway’ concept that has been peddled for quite some time and so far to no avail.

But, lack of political power notwithstanding, one would think if the Feds are dumping money into a ‘Pacific Gateway’ and a ‘Continential Gateway’, maybe funding an ‘Atlantic Gateway’ may be in the cards.

Then again, the Feds spend what today would be billions to divert cargo from going through Atlantic Canada with its investments in the St. Lawrence Seaway and all the ports along that stretch of water.

One could make the case that the Federal government paying to divert trade from Atlantic Canada may have contributed to the region’s economic decline (others have, I won’t get into that debate). So maybe they will continue to fund Pacific and Continental Gateways, and tell Atl. Canada to take its Equalization and shutup.

All maybes.

Anyway, back to Maude. I suspect she won’t be complaining much about the Pacific and Continental efforts to better integrate those economies with the U.S. Oh, they will probably issue a press release. But it’s far easier to pick on Atlantica – the devious initiative to better ‘integrate’ the economies of Atlantic Canada with the U.S. Northeastern states.

Basically, that’s sickening.