More on language-based immigration targets

How exactly does one set a language-based immigration ‘quota’? The Telegraph Journal keeps harping on this story – and it feels an awful lot like an ‘us’ versus ‘them’. Acadian groups support it and guys like Percy Mockler oppose it (and the Enterprise network).

People from France aren’t emigrating – at least not many. The ones that end up in Canada are overwhelmed by Quebec (look at how many government officials from Quebec work in Paris trying to attract immigrants, tourists and business). People from other French speaking countries may and I stress may be an opportunity but historically speaking there is not much there.

So, let’s say we need 10,000 people per year through immigration. That means we need even more because we know that a significant percentage start here and move.

You have to be logical about this.

Having said that, I think New Brunswick should set up camp right next to Quebec in France and ‘compete’ for immigrants, tourists and business. It’s just that we never really have. The T&T ran all kinds of stories about how former Premier Lord was loved in France – charming, was the word I think they used. And yet, 35 immigrants from France to Moncton. Not last year. Not last decade. Total. All time.

If Premier Lord was so charming, why wasn’t more done to actually get results in France?

But I digress.

We need a serious, well thought out approach to attract Francophone immigrants but we need to be realistic that the majority – probably vast majority – will come from non Francophone (and non Anglophone) countries. So, when immigrants arrive, they need to be taught both languages.