Jeannot’s influence is wide ranging

Ocassionally, I read some journalist from outside New Brunswick quoting Jeannot Volpe. Typically this is rare as the national media will know the Premier but very few others. This was evidenced by a story in the Globe & Mail referencing ‘Ms. Volpe’ when talking about our former Finance Minister.

But, even when they get the gender wrong or don’t even state the name specifically, sometimes you just know who they are talking about.

Take this morning’s story in the Halifax Herald.

The writer is quoting Donald Savoie saying that Nova Scotia needs its own style ‘self-sufficiency’ plan. The journalist states:

Some critics in that province have called the goal so ambitious as to be “laughable,” but Mr. Savoie said a province may as well set the bar high.

The only one in the media that I have heard calling the ‘self-sufficiency’ plan “laughable” has been Jeannot Volpe. Admittedly I don’t read everything but I cover as broadly as most people and our friend Jeannot is the ‘critic’ mentioned in this story.

So, now the laughability of New Brunswick actually becoming economically self-sufficiency is a joke even to non New Brunswickers.

It’s not funny.