I took my harp to a party, nobody asked me to play….

….So I put the darn thing away.

That’s how I feel sometimes when I see this stuff. When I hear talk about spending potential ‘gateway’ funding on electricity infrastructure to the U.S., I just get frustrated.

What about the inland port? What about rail infrastructure? A transportation gateway is just that. Spending the money on infrastructure to make it easier for NB electricity to be used for U.S. economic development doesn’t make much sense to me.

I believe in the concept of an “Atlantic Gateway”. A Halifax columnist unearthed a quote from 200+ years ago where some Crown representative sent a memo to London saying that Atlantic Canada should be the ‘gateway’ of trade from the U.K. to her Majesty’s colonies in North America.

I think it still makes sense today. But filling potholes or putting up transmission lines is not the answer. Making sure that New Brunswick directly benefits from the ‘gateway’ is the answer.