Goin’ down the road – for toilet paper

A Times & Transcript report today summarizes a new Statistics Canada report shows New Brunswick drivers clock an average of 18,558 kilometres a year per vehicle — more than any other Canadians. The article speculates some of the reasons for this.

I have two points:

1. Drivers in British Columbia drove their vehicles the least. British Columbians are the most physically active population in Canada. Guess which province is the second least active in Canada. You guessed it.

2. I have always grumbled about this. New Brunswickers have either the lowest or second lowest ‘average commute distance’ to work (among Canadian provinces). At the same time, we will drive two hours to save 25 cents on toilet paper by purchasing 500 rolls at Costco. It seems that Statistics Canada is confirming my angst.

Don’t get me wrong. I am sensitive to global warming. But when I looked this a few years ago unemployment rates in communities 20-30 minutes from Moncton were as high as 18% while Moncton employers were facing worker shortages.

My advice? We should get of our collective arses and walk more. And if there’s a job in the next town over. Gas up.