Dispatches from the road: NYC

I decided to bring the kids to NYC for an extra long weekend. I hadn’t been here in eight years and wanted to get back to see Ground Zero, et. al. If there is such thing as a global economy, than New York must be its hub and its exemplar. We saw a $250,000 toy in FAO Schwartz and a couple of blocks away, a couple of hundred people waiting in line at the local soup kitchen.

But it’s an amazing city – economically, culturally, ethnically. We heard at least eight different languages scrolling through the radio dial and ate lunch at an Italian restaurant in an Italian neighbourhood – the real deal – the owner still greets his guests in the language of the old country.

However, New York is made up of the world’s diaspora. And as I was travelling in the subway my mind was mulling how tiny little places like New Brunswick could benefit in some way from this economic juggernaut.

Then I just stumbled upon this. There’s a good overview of the East Coast Connected program here.

One guy calls it a “Brain Circulation” initiative rather than just the well known brain drain.

I think it makes some sense. I can’t seem to figure out who’s funding it, however.