A good example

I have been calling for years for the provincial government to publish a good economic ‘scorecard’ which no government has done. The Lord government had a ‘report card’ but it was basically a marketing document where they tarted up a few stats to make them look good.

I have reported here on a number of province/states and their good report cards. Here is Alberta’s. Now, the reality is that two of the best economic report cards are BC’s and Alberta’s – two provinces doing well.

But the point remains that the public should have the good and the bad. All on the table.

I’d like to point out a few stats in the Alberta report card that you never read either in the press or government publications in New Brunswick.

1. New Brunswick’s population is still dropping. Slowly but still dropping.

2. Ontario has net out-migration. This a consistent trend. It may be counterintuitive but the reality is that Ontario attracts the majority of immigrants – which tilts them to strong population growth.

3. Employment growth in New Brunswick Year to Date (YTD) has been the worst in Canada. Not my number. Take a look for yourself, Mr. LeBreton.