This must be some form of a gag

Ever have one of those moments where you just couldn’t stop laughing? I mean bend over gut pain laughing?

That’s what happened when I read this.

Poor old George Bush. He’s blamed for bringing down the Middle East. For stirring up Russia. For destabilizing Pakistan. For fomenting anti-Americanism around the world.

And now, according to Maude, he has turned his evil eye towards Canada. No, not all of Canada. Little old Atlantic Canada. Bush wants to “take over Atlantic Canada”.

Now, I realize that everyone with a cause these days evokes the name of George Bush to get their desired effect. “Oh, that restaurant is crap. George Bush ate there.” “George Bush is responsible for global warming.” “George Bush is behind the bad weather in the U.K.”

But of all the areas that George Bush would want to take over, why would he ever want Atlantic Canada?

It’s kind of neat. I say bring it on. Maybe it would finally shut Maude Barlow up.