Norm Betts

I see that the Premier has named Norm Betts as the interim Chair of NB Power. I always liked Norm Betts although his getting turfed from his riding (my parents live in his riding) was inevitable. In that riding you don’t get elected because you are smart, or a senior Cabinet minister or a university professor – in fact those things may play against you. In that riding, you get elected by shaking hands, having tea with old ladies and just making people feel like they count for something.

I hearken back to the successful 80s sitcom, Cheers. Every time Norm came through the door, everyone yelled “Norm”.

Not a bad idea to yell “Norm” for the NB Power job – but it seems he won’t be there long.

In fact, a little birdie told me that the permanent Chair of NB Power will be someone a little more red by persuasion. Kind of like Brad Pitt’s character in this movie.