Same ol’ same ol’

I had a conversation a few years ago with a friend who is a strong Conservative. He was ‘disgusted’ after reading a report that showed Liberal Cabinet Ministers’ ridings were the recipients of considerably more ACOA funding than Conservative ones. Another sign of corruption, he intoned.

While the source of this information is suspect, it does show that Conservative ridings in Quebec are getting considerably more than other ridings (particularly the Minister’s).

Bottom line? I think when you have the reins of power, party affiliation doesn’t mean much.

My own opinion is that Ministers of departments such as Quebec Economic Development and ACOA should be extra cautious and transparent when it comes to funding projects in their own riding.

But I may be in a minority position – so to speak – on this. Jean Cretien was adamant that it was the job of a Minister to use his/her influence to get things for his/her riding. It seems the Tories feel the same way.

I just hope they are good, long term growth oriented projects that will help those economies thrive.