Brian Dick – Post numero uno

I have never actually met Brian Dick, former VP at ACOA and new-guy-with-the-impossible-mandate as head of the self sufficiency process. Most people that know him that I have some contact with think highly of him. A guy, apparently, that likes to get things done.

So, I can’t really comment on his appointment directly. But I will say that the approach of bringing ‘self-sufficiency’ outside of a specific department and setting it up in this way makes sense. After 16 years of working inside and outside of government, it is almost impossible to get government departments working together on the same page. Either there are personality conflicts or perceived mandate conflicts or lack of resources complaints.

But the truth is there must be alignment (as I have said many times before). If you want to support the growth of a specific industry in New Brunswick, there are implications for just about every department of government. Sure, BNB can go out and ‘sell’ New Brunswick but the ‘product’ they are selling is created by every other department except them.

So Brian Dick needs to be the catalyst to bring alignment.

Good luck.