Remind me to tone down the Volpe comments

I just heard on CBC about the now famous/infamous meeting between Jeannot Volpe and a senior civil servant where he apparently warned Volpe about the Caisse in Shippigan. Apparently, the transcript indicates that the civil servant felt ‘threatened’ by Volpe and Volpe says that if his name is slandered – he’d take a lot of other people down with him.

I heard from somebody who used to work around Volpe that he had a mafioso style about him.

I think I’ll tone down my sarcasm towards Jeannot from now on. As my mother used to say “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”.

On the other hand, this may help Volpe if he decides to run for the Tory leadership.

“Sorry Mr. Volpe. I didn’t vote for you….”

“Forgetta bout it…”