Nova Scotia marketing itself

This is a good idea.

This is from a Marketing Magazine article:

Nova Scotia Come to Life

Sometimes the answer you are looking for is right under your nose. That’s the central idea behind a campaign launched last week by the Province of Nova Scotia as part of the Nova Scotia Come to Life brand initiative, which promotes the province as a good place to live, learn and do business.

“We wanted to get people thinking about Nova Scotia when looking for their next business opportunity,” explains Stacey Jones-Oxner, brand advisor at Communications Nova Scotia. “Sometimes the most obvious place is the one you overlook.”

The campaign is running in the Toronto, Ottawa and Boston markets. The quirky ads, created by Bristol Group of Halifax, show people with messages like “Nova Scotia,” “Booming IT industry” and “A hotspot in life sciences” printed across their upper lips.

“There is a lot of this (category) of advertising that’s very forgettable,” says Albert Ianni, associate creative director at Bristol. “We wanted to find a different way to speak about this that was a little smarter, and we wanted to have a little fun with it.”

Jones-Oxner says the campaign, which cost about $950,000, will run for four weeks and includes print, online, out of home and television.