Who peed in LeBreton’s Wheaties?

The Campbell Morrison article in the T&T this am was interesting. It starts out talk about record low unemployment and quotes the Liberal Training Minister’s Jody Carrish statement about how great the labour force is doing.

Then Morrison quotes our old friend, the purveyor of propaganda – Samuel LeBreton.

“Year over year when you look at the January actual numbers employment is basically about the same, slightly down actually, and we have fewer people looking for work.” There are 1,900 fewer people working and 3,200 fewer people looking for work than a year ago combining for a total decline of 5,100 in the labour force.The monthly labour force survey found that most of the growth in the economy was in the goods-producing sector while there were some losses in the service sector.

Now, nobody in any article I have read yet this morning feels the need to point out that NB was the only province in Canada to loose jobs year over year and have a steep decline in the labour force. But still, LeBreton actually stating these figures is a departure from his usual “all’s quiet on the western front” position.

Is Dougherty being led around by the nose by the bureaucrats and spinners in his department? Do you think he was even briefed on the year over year figures? If so, and he still authorized that quote, I would be seriously disgusted.

Here’s a little free advice to the Liberals.

You can’t have your training Minister talking about great things are and your sefl-sufficiency task for saying how bad things are.

It’s sends out a ‘mixed-message’ you might say.