Who cares about motive?

I have to say it is refreshing to have a T&T columnist writing multiple times per week on economic matters – specifically matters of economic development and the role of government. For years the T&T soft pedalled economic development issues (likely for political reasons). Now. Alec Bruce is addressing relevant issues regularly. Take his column this a.m., for instance, it’s a bit of a satirical look at the throne speech this week and what Bruce concludes was not much substance.

It would have been nice five or six years ago to have this kind of writing coming out of the T&T.

Who really cares about motive? Maybe Hogan is a card carrying Tory and that’s why he now has put more focus on economic matters.

I don’t care. It needs to be in the public space. The T&T has a wide readership.

I say keep it up.