Tom Young up at arms

Just caught a few minutes of Tom Young’s call in show in Rogers 91.9 in Moncton. He is about to blow his top because apparently had a poll asking the question would it be easier to root for Sidney Crosby if he wasn’t from the Maritimes.

Apparently 9% of people said yes.

Tom is upset that a) they would ask such a question and b) that 9% would actually agree.

I can’t find this poll online anywhere but Tom shouldn’t feign ignorance about certain biases regarding the Maritime provinces.

I have seen poll after poll of Canadians concluding that we (Maritimers) are lazy, not industrious, etc.

For a central Canadian to get his/her head around the notion that Sidney Crosby is a Maritimer is a hard thing indeed. The lazy, EI loving Nova Scotians produce what Ontario in all its might can’t? (the next Gretzky that is)

Tough stuff.

Buck up, Tom. For a Saint Johner, you should know what having thick skin is all about.