Quebec’s Aerospace Wants Its Share of Boeing Pie

I have blogged on this already but I continue to be amazed. The various aerospace interests in Quebec (government, industy association, unions) have been waging a public campaign to demand their ‘share’ of the new Boeing work. Their share being – depending on what source – as much as 60% of the value of the multi-billion dollar contract.

They have stated that these types of government contracts should be divided up based on market share. Quebec has 45% of the aerospace/defence industry in Canada therefore it expects at least that amount worth of the Boeing work.

But what troubles me about this, as I said before, is the literally billions of federal government dollars put into Quebec to prop up the aerospace/defence industry – to get it to the size it is today.

Now that it’s a certain size, it demands a ‘fair share’ of government contract work.

So, here’s the deal. I guess New Brunswick should demand for Quebec-style incentives from the Feds ($250 million for Pratt, $150 million recently for Bell Helicopters, goodness knows how much for Bombardier) use all that incentive money to build a large aerospace/defence sector and then demand its ‘fair share’ when these big, fat contracts come along.

Sounds about right, no?