Propel towards what" One can’t help but wonder

The TJ is running a story this morning called: NBers behind scenes in Ottawa, propelling the wheels of power which discusses two ex NB political advisors who are now in Ottawa. They are David McLaughlin, chief of staff to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, and Jacques Dubé, chief of staff to Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson, the regional minister for New Brunswick.

The article asserts that Dube “was a politically neutral career civil servant in New Brunswick, faithfully serving both Liberal and Tory masters” before taking the job with Thompson.

I wonder if an old hand at the Leg like Jacques Poitras would agree that Dube was a ‘politically neutral’?

But I digress.

The point is this. The TJ is asserting that these ex-NBers have some form of power (I am not sure that McLaughlin is an ex-NBer but I’ll take the TJ at its word). Ergo, they could use this power to the betterment of New Brunswick’s interests, no? So, either they can and will or they can and won’t or they can’t and won’t – if that’s not too hard to follow.

So, I’ll revive the core element of my proposed solution for NB’s economic woes:

NB allocates 5% of its annual budget to its self-sufficiency economic development strategy and the Feds match it as the result of ‘power’ weilding McLaughlin’s influence.

How’s that?