Ontario and attracting biz

Looks like Ontario wants to attract investment to all parts of Ontario.

…Minister Pupatello announced funding of $250,000 to implement the “Local Economies in Transition” project. Under the initiative, EDCO and the ministry will work with site selectors to conduct in-depth studies identifying the investment challenges and opportunities of six Ontario regions. This research will be leveraged in a series of Regional Economic Forums, culminating in a Leadership Summit in the Fall of 2007. A final report will provide local economic development professionals with valuable information to help re-position their communities to meet the challenges of globalization.

Good idea. Getting local communties (through regional agencies) ‘ginned up’ (to quote Obama – I like this term) for investment attraction makes perfect sense. Of course, the local communities will want the province to attract more investment outside of the Waterloo-Ottawa-Toronto-Niagra corridor….