One track mind

You’ll have to forgive me but every time I see a new conference on Canada’s ‘prosperity’, my mind turns to one thing: Wouldn’t prosperity be enhanced if the

What ya wanna bet Atlantic Canada’s woes won’t even be on the agenda at the upcoming conference on Canada’s Prosperity Challenge – Agenda for Canada’s prosperity.

You see, Canada is really a euphemism for Ontario in this sense.

I know, I know, that’s just my personal preoccupation. Who gives a rip west of the St. Lawrence of Atl. Canada as it relates to Canada’s prosperity.

But I will say this. If New Brunswick, indeed the Atl. region achieved Ireland style investment and economic growth without siphoning off growth from the mighty Ontario, that would raise the overall prosperity of Canada – indeed. In fact, since just about every major business in Canada that does business in Atlantic Canada is headquartered out of this region, they might stand to directly benefit from an economic renewal in Atl. Canada.

But I guess the real issue is “Why Mexicans don’t drink Molson”.