Morrissey Brain Cramp

I decree today that life
Is simply taking and not giving
England is mine and it owes me a living
Ask me why, and I’ll spit in your eye

Excerpt from Still Ill by The Smiths (1984)

I am not sure why but this excerpt popped into my head a couple of weeks ago when I was in the State of Maine. I was listening to that angry, paranoid talk radio and the host was yelling at his audience that “this country is mine!” “it’s my White House!” “it’s my Constitution” and a host of other ‘mines’. I am not quite sure but I think he was ranting against a)liberals, b) poor people, c)immigrants and/or d) muslims.

I heard this and thought of Morrissey. Strange bedfellows, one might say.

But as our illustrious anonymous says, I probably shouldn’t listen to that crap (the talk radio I mean – a little Morrissey once in while keeps you sane) anyway.