More questions than answers

Random questions:

Why is it the older I get the more uncertain I get about things? I was had the most certainty in my life when I was 20. Whatever happened to getting ‘old and stuck in your ways’?

If ACOA is the economic development agency for Atlantic Canada, why don’t they have a Vice President in charge of Sales? Heck, why not a sales team?

Why is it my five year old daughter is listening to recycled KISS songs? I walked in her room and heard a bunch of Britney Spears ten years ago types singing “I wanna rock and roll all nite and party every day”? On that album there is the Rolling Stones among others. What ever happened to Barney?

Speaking of Britney, is that whole twice divorced, no underwear, shaved head bald, driving with her kid in her lap shtick about getting publicity or is she really a screwed up 25 year old? Is fame worth it?

If New Brunswick wants to attract 5,000 new immigrants per year, why do they only have $3 million allocated to immigration? That’s 600 bucks per immigrant folks. That’ll get you two nights at the Delta and a cheese pizza but not much more. Economic development requires money.

Why is Marie Claude Blais (former PC candidate in Moncton) constantly picking on ‘call centres’ on the CBC Moncton political panel? Her would-have-been-boss, Bernie Lord brought in more new call centre jobs in Moncton than Frank McKenna and I doubt she was complaining then. And why pick on call centre jobs? Why not the poor shmucks selling shoes all day, or flippin’ burgers or throwing trash? How about those poor dentists staring in mouths all day? I know a bunch of call centre workers and just like any job there are good positions and bad positions. As as for the aspiring PC Marie Claude, doesn’t she realize that those ‘call centre’ jobs that she is so critical of are held by voters? 7,000 voters? Have a little more common sense Mme. Blais*.

And what makes the Sorry Centrist, well sorry? Is it ‘sorry’ in the “I’m sorry…” sense? Or is it ‘sorry’ in the “sad, pathetic sense” or in my wife’s version “I’m sorry… but you’re wrong, David”?

And how come the Vancouver Canucks can trade Bertuzzi for Luongo while the Oilers get friggin’ Lupil for Chris Pronger? Explain that.

And how come the Montreal Expos had to move so they could become more ‘competitive’ and they are worse in Washington than they every were in Montreal? How come?

How come when I listen to “Canada’s New Government”, I automatically think of Pavlov and his dog?

How come when I watch American Idol – Rich Little comes to mind? Isn’t the idea to find an original not just somebody who mimics to the tee Celine Dion?

How come there’s a ‘beer war’ between NB and NS? Isn’t there a tad more important things to fight about?

How come when Saint John is on the cusp of unprecedented economic growth, certain West Saint Johners want to split off from the City? How’s that for throwing cold water on things?

Speaking of Saint John, can we have a new refinery and a focus on Kyoto?

Speaking of Kyoto, how can Quebec with dozens of polluting plants all over the rural regions be the biggest supporter of Kyoto?

How come you sound different on the radio than you do in your head? I heard myself on CBC this am and I sound a little dopey.

If the right wing Conservative Caucus in the US and the left wing Council of Canadians agree completely in their distain and distrust of the The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America – does that cancel them both out and leave a middle ground where this thing makes good sense?

Why don’t kids come with an instruction manual?

How come Dr. Phil started out like Oprah and has ended up like Jerry Springer?

Will I ever get satisfactory answers?

*A little opening up the kimono on my part here. I once worked with a gal who quit after a couple of years. I asked her why she quit and she replied “I don’t want to end up like you sitting behind a desk all day”. It was another one of the moments in life where you get your ego ‘rightsized’. But the truth is that I don’t know what Mme. Blais does for a living but you can be sure that for some folks, that would be a degrading job.