Groupthink and the T&T

Someone asked me why I haven’t mentioned the T&T’s think tank or groupthink or whatever that is showing data from a local survey that basically confirms that Monctonians perceive this community to be safe, have a good quality of life and good prospects.

It is certainly a worthwhile effort to benchmark your community against other peer communities and against a historical trend.

But I have to say that the Times & Transcript’s ongoing attempts to isolate Moncton from the economic problems facing the rest of New Brunswick makes no sense whatsoever. Neither does the T&T’s attempt to reveal a self confidence problem in Moncton by taking all the pot shots at Saint John and Halifax make sense. Greater Monctonians are a fairly confident bunch these days and they don’t need the T&T to hammer other communities to reinforce that.

The T&T, until recently, has deliberately kept its readership in the dark regarding the serious problems facing New Brunswick while serving up this pablum about how wonderful Moncton is.

The reality is that Monctonians need to see themselves as New Brunswickers. Monctonians need to understand that the urban areas in New Brunswick must drive economic growth in the province and, despite all the protestations of Al Hogan, the economic growth in Moncton has not supported the provincial economy (the way urban centres in other provinces have).

Eventually, the problems in New Brunswick are going to catch up to Moncton and no amount of groupthink coming out of the T&T will stop that. They would be better advised to reposition Greater Moncton as an urban economic driver for the entire province and, in that role, we are failing.