This makes sense. With the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives it’s almost as if anything that includes the two dreaded words ‘united’ and ‘states’, it must be evil.

The fact that Atlantic Canada is more poor, less educated and has less of a developed economy than every other region in Canada and the USA (that’s right Maude, the percentage of families living below the poverty line in New Brunswick is higher than Alabama), doesn’t mean much to the CCPA.

Let’s use poor old Atl. Canada to beat America over the head. “We’re not gonna let those Yanks take over our paradise of liberal values” says Maude Barlow* from her perch in one of Canada’s most powerful economies.

*I use Maude here in the collective sense as any of the Central Canadian thinkers that likes to use Atl. Canada as their test tube for social experimentation. Despite pouring elevated levels of government pogie down here for decades this region is still the poorest in the USA/CAN by just about every measure. Isn’t it time we focused a bit more on economic development and a bit less on enriching EI and expanding Equalization?