What’s up with PEI?

This makes 6-7 major announcements in the past couple of months:

Ceridian Canada to Establish Centre of Excellence on Prince Edward Island
Ceridian Canada, a leading human resources services company, will
establish a centre of excellence on Prince Edward Island to meet its growing
customer requirements for talent acquisition, payroll and other human
resources services. The new centre will be established in Charlottetown in May
2007. Ceridian will hire 40 employees during its first year and ramp up to 100
people within its first three years of operation.

Kodak expands health IT operations in Summerside
Kodak Canada is expanding its health-care information technology operations in Summerside and plans to create about 20 software engineering positions at the facility. The increase follows increased customer demand for software products from Kodak’s health group, the company said in a release. Kodak’s operations in Summerside operations are focused on the development and support of its radiology information system, which enable hospital radiology departments to maintain electronic records on patient exams, scheduling and other information.