Schools going west for recruits

The TJ this AM is discussing the trend of NB universities to look outside the province for students.

I have an honest question for you. Do New Brunswick taxpayers subsidize students from outside the province?

If so, is it good public policy to subsidize these students when we have data that 30%-40% of them will leave the province?

I know that people get cranky about this but I was always curious why British Columbia had the lowest percentage of university students in their universities and the highest percentage of university graduates in their workforce. It seems clear to me that the job market in BC attracts these university graduates from across Canada and they don’t have to pay the cost of educating them.

If in fact there is no subsidization of out-of-province students by the provincial government, than forget what I say.

If there is, give it some thought.

It’s a bit chicken and egg but if we are just churning out workers for the Ontario, Alberta and BC workforce, why should New Brunswickers foot the bill?