NB exports to the EU down

Another example of the challenges facing New Brunswick in the area of exports. Just came across this statistic in a Statistics Canada report called “Canada‚Äôs Merchandise Trade with the European Union: 1995 to 2004“:

Exports from Ontario to the EU have increased at an annual rate of 6%, the highest of any province. However, this was not the largest growth, as the Northwest Territories, on the strength of the burgeoning diamond trade, saw their exports increase at an annual rate of 26%. At the opposite end of the spectrum is British Columbia, where exports to the EU fell by $650 million from 1995 to 2004 and were concentrated in wood pulp exports. In proportional terms, New Brunswick recorded the largest percentage decline, with an average annual decrease of 5%.

Sorry to harp on this issue but every time Lord, Volpe, MacDonald bragged about the record growth in exports – not one mentioned that it was only because of the Irving Refinery and that across a wide swath of export categories, they were actually down strongly.