Hoping for the best

BMO has a new poll out this am:

According to a survey of Canadians aged 45-60 conducted for BMO Financial Group by Ipsos Reid, boomers in Atlantic Canada appear to be least prepared for retirement. Thirty-nine per cent don’t have an RSP in contrast to 30 per cent of Canadian boomers and 45 per cent don’t havea financial plan vs. 34 per cent of other boomers.

Of those Atlantic boomers who don’t have RSPs, 33 per cent said they plan to fund their retirement through a company pension and the same percentage of boomers said they’ll be relying on the government.

When asked which statement best describes what retirement planning means to them, 25 per cent of Atlantic boomers selected “hoping for the best”.

“Hoping for the best”. Sounds a like a metaphor for the future of the whole region as well.