Data Center Boom Reaches Smaller Cities

Interesting article yesterday about the growth of data centers.

Corporate demand for data centers is likely to remain strong for years to come, and cost issues will lead many companies to build new facilities in smaller markets in the center of the U.S., according to John Boyd, president of The Boyd Company of Princeton, N.J.

Data center projects are “the fastest growing field in corporate site location,” according to Boyd, an expert in corporate site location who for 30 years has been helping America’s best-known companies plan real estate expansions. Many of these companies will build their own facilities, Boyd said. “The inventory of available sites is extremely low,” said Boyd. “We tell our clients to focus on the fundamental cost issues and not to key on existing facilities.”

Those cost issues will spur data center development outside of the major Internet markets and “NFL cities” that have thus far been home to the lion’s share of major data center projects. In recent months Boyd has released two studies on the cost of operating financial and healthcare data centers in U.S. markets.

What would it take to make New Brunswick the hub for data centres in Canada and for the northeast?