Bruce-ian logic prevails

Thanks to a tipster for reminding me to read the TJ editorials today.

It would seem that Alec Bruce has evolved from the tabloid to the TJ but don’t expect him to kiss anyone’s rump.

No, in fact, his editorial today spanks all three of NB’s southern cities and their Irving pubs.

Thanks to the miracle of blogs, you can read Bruce’s foaming at the mouth here.

After another round of urban-rural, urban-urban, inter-urban, intra-urban para-urban, supra-urban bickering, it’s nice to see someone cut through with a little clarity.

Here’s my addition to clarity. We will need Ireland levels of investment and economic growth over the next 20 years if we are to even come close to Premier Graham’s goal of self sufficiency. So, there is little time for bickering.

And, on a similar note, to the story about the ‘cities going it alone’ and finding private sector partners for their convention centres, I say giddy up. There is a culture in New Brunswick that everything must wait for government funding. I am not trying to be cavalier here but at some point, I would like to see a municipality stand up and say “this is part of our growth strategy and we are going ahead with our without you.”

This, of course, is easy to say from the confines of a small office and out of touch with reality, but I still think there is some merit in saying it.