Another Frank

I have talked at great length about the need for good ideas and strong leadership around local economic development in New Brunswick.

So, I’ll put a plug in to day for Frank Tenhave, head of Enterprise Fundy. In the interests of full disclosure I have worked with and for Frank so I have a closer knowledge of the issues than most.

I just saw him quoted in the TJ today about the development of wood pellets as a fuel source.

So, since Frank has been at Enterprise Fundy, instead of sitting arounding waiting for stuff to happen he has been throwing ideas around as fast as he can hoping that some will stick. He’s look at Albert county oil shale. Leveraging natural gas for economic development in the Sussex area. Biofuels. Tourism. Attracting European immigrants. That other project that no one talks about. This wood pellet idea? What you want to bet he’s angling for a wood pellet manufacturing facility in the Fundy region?

We need more Frank Tenhaves in the economic development world in New Brunswick.

Tip of the hat to Frank.

To read about his immigration initiative, click here. To read about some of the initiatives, click here.