Tories can’t get used to being in power

I said yesterday that the Federal Conservatives have been out of power so long that they are having a hard time adjusting to being in power.

For example, it is just plain bizarre that they refer to themselves as “Canada’s New Government” every time they issue a press release.

Am I crazy or should a government that has been in power as long as the Tories continue to call themselves a ‘new’ government?

But then it became all to clear. The king of spin, the man who so ably pulled the wool over the eyes of New Brunswickers for years is now working his magic in Ottawa: Chisholm Pothier. He is the Director of Communications at the Office of the Minister of Canadian Heritageand Status of Women.

Okay, okay. It’s not just Pothier talking about the ‘new government’. All departments do it. But you have to admit….

Maybe not.

In a way I miss the good old days of Pothier eloquently discussing how strong the economy is and how New Brunswick is on the road to prosperity under the able leadership of Premier Lord.

Bragging about the ‘low unemployment’ when he had a memo stuffed in his back pocket showing that the low unemployment is driven in large part by people moving to Alberta. Imagine bragging about an economic policy that accelerated the move of people out of the province. And he did it with such grace.

There’s not much on these cold days to get the blood boiling as it were.

There’s nothing more aggravating than a politician’s spin doctor that can look at an old piece of leather and describe it to the media as a delicious steak. Mmm. I can almost taste it…..

Oh by the way, the press release is announcing another $100 million for five museums in the Ottawa region.

Didn’t the Tories just cut funding for small museums in Canada?