Is it Stephane Dion or Dijon?

It’s amazing what you can be hammered for as a politician. Tom Young and Ezra Levant were just castigating Stephane Dion today on his Rogers call in show over Dion not wanting to give up his French citizenship.

In reality, that type of thing never crossed my mind but for Young/Levant, it will lead to ‘serious’ conflicts of interest over foreign policy, trade policy, international jurisdiction, etc.

I guess you might be able to streeeeetch things to reach this conclusion but in reality I think this is more of a Political salvo than a real issue.

The reality is that Canada allows dual citizenship. There are tens of thousands – maybe hundreds of thousands that carry two passports. Not because they are less Canadian but because they came from somewhere as immigrants and have kept their citizenship – as is their right.

Now the reality is that when it comes to Afganistan and other issues – Dion will likely side with the French view – but not because of a passport.