The maniac and his hummer

I have deliberately limited the Al Hogan bashing over the past month or so despite some worth content but his attack on City Hall today pushed me over the top. He is ranting and raving about the new Assomption Boulevard.

Question: What makes Al Hogan an expert on traffic planning?

The other day, he became, for a day, an environmentalist (after the fish story came out and Al got a glimpse of not being about to eat surf and turf at his local hangout).

Question: What makes a Hummer driving, normally hostile to environmental issues, all of a sudden a champion for the environment.

He has, admittedly been strangely silent in criticizing the new government (no, the one in New Brunswick – I consider the one in Ottawa to be fairly well healed lasting longer than both Kim Campbell and Joe Who) so he needs new targets (or old ones) but I wonder about the long term implications on City Hall from this constant whining and criticizing.

I have worked with Moncton City Hall and think they are for the most part a top notch crew. Who is Al Hogan to be so critical? Sure, a certain amount of debate is welcome and desirous in the local paper but he pushes this way too far.

If Al wants to run City Hall, he should run for mayor.

Other than that, he should shut his trap.