The banana is split over at the Times & Transcript

Anybody want to explain to me what is wrong with Al Hogan. He runs a story this morning entitled: “We’re worth more than Saint John“. I can’t link to it because it’s behind a password and in fact I won’t even give Al Hogan the satisfaction of reprinting his stupid story in this blog. So if you saw it, please advise. If not, you are lucky.

The gist of the story is that the tax base in Greater Moncton has surpassed Greater Saint John but the whole story is designed to be highly offensive to Saint Johners. This is another in a long line of offensive stories designed to drive a wedge between the Hub and the Port and I think it’s shameful.

The City of Moncton and others have been deliberately building bridges with Saint John and vice versa. The spirit is as good as it has been in decades and Al Hogan is doing everything in his power to wreck this.

After Saint John lands 3,000 high paying jobs in the next 12-14 months on the refurbishment of Lepreau, the building of the pipeline and refinery – I’ll be interested to see what crap comes out of the T&T. It won’t be humble pie because there isn’t enough class over there for that.