Speak up sonny, I cain’t hear yah!

I must be getting old. I have been missing a few juicy bloggable topics in the past week or so.

Like this.

According to Statistics Canada, only Newfoundland and Labrador has a lower percentage of young people in its population. 22.3% of our population is aged 19 and under compared to 27.0 in Saskatchewan. Following the current trend of outmigrating youth and old timers like me staying put, within a generation, New Brunswick will truly be one big old folks home.

I hope they have better food when I formally enter the old folks home, I have had some of it and it sucks.

But I digress.

I remember demographers screaming and crying in the 1980s about the looming population crisis in Ontario.

So they turned on the immigration tap and presto, no more population crisis.

I know many of you are quite comfortable with the quiet, anglo/franco world where you took comfort from the fact that there was a good chance that your neigbour would be named ‘Smith’ or ‘Leblanc’ but the day is coming when if you want a neighbour at all he/she will likely be named Gupta or Chang.

In my opinion, bring it on.