Paper won’t refuse ink

I’ve read some strange things in my day. As my father once said, paper won’t refuse ink. That ditty gets amplified in the blogosphere.

But this is crazy.

Essentially a conspiracy theorist who actually thinks that NSBI is part of an international conspiracy to further international terrorism.

Let me respond to a couple of his whacked out comments:

The first question that must be asked is why are Butterfield really coming to Halifax Nova Scotia? This nation’s financial centres are located in Toronto and Montreal.

it’s amazing how people that claim to be so smart can be so dumb. Why is it so hard to believe that Stephen Lund and his team actually spent years working with the financial sector and has convinced them to locate in Nova Scotia? Is this guy’s opinion of Nova Scotia so low that he thinks that company’s have no reason to locate there? (other than devious reasons)

Then he goes into his silliness, and then this:

Considering the present demographics extant, I would ask where Butterfield Bank intends to get these 400 “Nova Scotia workers” from?

Again, what a dissappointing attitude towards Nova Scotia. To be clear, the local educational institutions are working with NSBI and the firm to ramp up the 400 workers over time. Also, to assume that people won’t move from other areas of Canada to Nova Scotia. That shows more ignorance than his crazy theories. When RIM announced in Halifax, they got requests from all over Canada – unprompted – from people wanting to move to Halifax.

“Marcus Leja from Calgary, Canada writes: If Nova Scotia Business Inc. is ‘attracting’ (i.e. bribing) Bermuda financial institutions to open offices in Halifax, then there is nothing impressive about this story at all. Considering the high education level of the Halifax area population, the fact the provincial government has to provide handouts to business for it to open there is absolutely alarming.”

What a bunch of unadulterated bull crap. Alberta doles out more ‘bribes’ in thier language to attract international investment (and to prop up agriculture) than in Nova Scotia’s wildest dreams (through incentives to the oil sector). How can so many people be so uninformed? Does anybody have an answer?

The Eagleman thinks that this new payroll rebate plan, Nova Scotia Business Inc has been playing with, is nothing more that a scam.

For every dollar rebated to companies throught the payroll rebate plan $3-$4 are put into the local economy from personal, corporate, property, sales and other taxes.

If that’s a ‘scam’, I say bring it on. And as for Calgarians with their little biases against Atl. Canada, either take ten minutes to educate yourself or shut up. Alberta (and the Feds) have put in place one of the most aggressive tax break regimes in the world to attract investment into the oil sands. The agriculture sector is subsidized in Alberta more than all industries in Nova Scotia combined.