Learning from Alec Bruce & Pierre Pelletier

Want to know where there is intersection between sex and economic development? Just read Alec Bruce’s column on Monday in the Times & Transcript on Wednesday. Alec starts by talking about New Brunswick’s low fertility rate and how that will end up impacting the province’s future. He kind of lays out the case for stimulating more procreation in New Brunswick and then concludes that ultimatley the best way to rebuild our base of young people is to attract them to good paying jobs as the result of a strong economic development strategy.

Bravo to Bruce for this conclusion but I wouldn’t completely discount the procreation approach. I have been told that Pierre Pelletier from the Olivier Soapery is rekindling interest in all things unmentionable by mentioning certain attributes of his company’s products that can stimulate interest. Apparently, I am told, his demonstrations of this can get, how can I say this, a little uncomfortable – especially for Anglos.

Anyway, I tend to agree as usual with Bruce. The reduction in fertility rates is a social issue much more intractable than even our economic problems. It’s my experience that a lot of people just can’t be bothered having kids (or more than one or so) with the hectic pace of life these days. And as a parent who has piano, dance, theatre, choir, basketball, swimming and church assignments for his kids on an almost daily basis, I can attest to the realities of modern parenthood.

That didn’t stop me from having three kids, however.

So to Alec Bruce I say keep nudging community leader feet to the fire and as for Pierre Pelletier, I may just have to take a ride out to the soapery to see just what’s going on out there…..