I’ll take another quick swipe at NB’s media

I went to CanadaEast today and did a search on Halifax. I was looking for references in New Brunswick’s three main English language papers to the three major new businesses setting up in that city in the past 10 days.

Nada. I will say that sometimes the content in CanadaEast is not exactly the same as in the printed papers but I have to say I am shocked.

How can New Brunswickers challenge their government to do more when it comes to economic development if they are not even reading these stories? There have been stories on IcelandAir flying into Halifax. Why not stories on hundreds of new, high paying jobs?

If I hear have to read one more friggin’ tirade from Al Hogan about how stupid the City of Moncton is, I think I’ll…….

If these editors had brains the size of a walnut they would be writing stories about the growth of the financial services back office cluster in Halifax and challenging New Brunswick to rise to the competition.

How can New Brunswickers realize there is something wrong and realize there are ways to fix it if the main newspapers and other media won’t even talk about it?

If I was editor, I would write a large expose on these recent announcements and I would interview company officials to see if a) they were looking at NB and b) why they chose Halifax. If they weren’t looking at NB at all (like RIM), I would challenge the Minister of BNB to explain why.

But no, we’ll get more crap about the roads in Moncton.