Dr. Doherty has a new scribe

Last month, when the labour market report came out, I mused that Minister Doherty must have been using the same spin doctor as the previous government. It would seem that things have changed this month.

Although the employment picture actually was quite strong in October, here are the comments of the Minister thorugh his press release:

New Brunswick ranked eighth in labour force growth in the country in 2005 and when comparing 2005 to 2004, New Brunswick’s year-over-year performance was significantly lower than what occurred nationally.

“We recognize that we need to do better over the long term,” the minister said. “We committed to make job creation and economic development a priority again.We will do that through the plan outlined under the Charter for Change by changing the approach to economic development in our province and restoring the can-do spirit.”

I can tell you that there was no language like this ever in the past seven years coming out of the ‘labour’ minister. There was so much spin coming out that even I was getting dizzy.

It’s quite refreshing to hear someone in government actually talking publicly like this.

But now comes the hard part. They need to deliver.