A lament for a foot soldier

Tie me at the crossroads when I die
Hang me in the wind ’til I get good and dry
And the kids that pass can scratch their heads
And say “who was that guy?”
Tie me at the crossroads when I die

Tie Me At The Crossroads
Bruce Cockburn
From Dart To The Heart (1994)

Len Weeks, 58, passed away this morning. Len worked for Business New Brunswick and its predecessors for something like 30 years. Although I didn’t always agree with him, he was a foot soldier in the battle to get New Brunswick’s economy moving forward.

FatKat thanked Len for helping them along the way in this blog.

According to this source, Len Weeks coined the term advanced training technologies (ATT) and recommended that the department support the distance education initiative.

He was also implicated in the start of the NB call centre initiative.

I seem to recall that he won some type of award from KIRA but I can’t seem to find anything on the Web about this.