Paul Wells has turned from a journalist supporting Stephane Dion and disliking Michael Ignatieff to a zealot determined to bring down the Igster at all costs. His blog for the past 3-4 weeks has featured two things: 1) self promotion of his new book and 2) cutting down Ignatieff from all sides.

He got this way with Paul Martin – obsessed with bringing down the man.

I wonder why.

The best journalists, in my humble opinion, are the ones who can ask tough questions, expose inconsistencies and paint an accurate portrait of the people and issues they are covering but a unidimensional no holds barred attack like Wells is inflicting on Ignatieff smacks of Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh.

A journalist that I have great respect for told me once that Wells detested Paul Martin because he wasn’t taken to lunch (literally and metaphorically).

For me, when a politician is so reviled by someone like Wells, it makes me tend to like them more (except in the case of poor old Martin who was doomed with our without Wells).

Also that Trudeau son that is working to hard to bring down Iggy. I neve really liked the sons of famous politicians getting into politics themselves. It hasn’t seemed to work out the best for the Yanks.

Trudeau should follow Ben Mulroney and get into entertainment. That’s where the real glamour and money is.

Back to Wells. I don’t think he has the ideological makeup to be Fox News’ Canadian Bill O’Reilly. But he’s trying. He really is.