Ya gotta have priorities, no?

Ah, to be in British Columbia in the spring…….

Oops, I drifted off there. I was just reading that PM Harper is going to honour the former Liberal commitment of $591-million to to boost trade between Canada and Asia. B.C. is second only to Alberta for economic growth in recent years. It has been rocking so….

…of course it will need $591 million to build ports, roads and more trade with Asia.

New Brunswick, on the other hand, has been fizzling so…..

…of course it will need another $50 million to top up Employment Insurance. And how about another $100 million in Equalization for good measure!

Buy the rich son a new suit and put him through his Master’s degree.

Increase the poor son’s allowance while patting him on the back for flunking out of Sally Struthers’ TV/VCR repair course.