Don’t take our people, bring the work

Now this I like:

Alberta firms want to bring people east to work
Representatives from western firms are looking for business partners across Canada

published on page C2 on October 20, 2006
Greg Agnew/Times & Transcript

David Allen and John Russell of Castle Machine Works in Miramichi read through some publications of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association yesterday at a seminar in Moncton. The session was on how New Brunswick businesses can capitalize on the economic boom in Alberta.
There was some match making going on in Moncton yesterday afternoon, but it had nothing to do with lonely singles finding true love.Instead it was an Alberta industry representative wooing New Brunswick companies to do business with that province.

Consultant Peter Ouellette is former president and CEO of AltaSteel and chairman of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) Alberta division and he was in Moncton for yesterday afternoon’s event at the Future Inn on Mapleton Road. He said rapid development of the Alberta oilsands and development in many other sectors has caused a great labour and supply shortage in the province.Instead of bringing more workers to Alberta – a situation that’s led to a housing crisis – they’re trying to take a new approach.”Instead of moving people into Alberta, we want to move the work out of Alberta,” says Ouellette.

This is actually a win-win situation. An overheating economy can be as problematic as an under performing one – driving up costs, leading to housing shortages and more crime. In addition, it makes the fall that much more pronounced once it comes. So attempts to let off a little steam from the Alberta economy should be welcome from all sides.