Didn’t get a bump in jobs

For any Liberals that thought electing Shawn Graham as Premier would lead to a fountain of new jobs in the first few days, you guessed wrong.

Canada added a modest 16k jobs from Aug to Sept but NB was down again – by 600 jobs. However, the real tale is the year over year data. In Canada, the labour force grew by almost 300,000 from Sept 2005 to Sept 2006 while New Brunswick’s labour force dropped by 5k.

It’s interesting that the size of the labour force grew everywhere but in Atlantic Canada.

It’s also interesting to note that the drop of 5k people from the labour force year over year is a larger #s drop than PEI, NS and NL combined.

I didn’t expect Premier Graham to dump thousands of new jobs on us in the first week or two on the job.

But he’d better get crackin’.

I heard from a very credible source last week that one, maybe two of our pulp mills will likely go down within 12-18 months.