Canada’s top 100 companies

Remember how many blogs ago, with some consternation, I lamented the fact that everytime people talk about ‘innovative’ companies in New Brunswick they roll out Mathis Instruments? Or CARIS?

I mean, I have nothing against these firms but they were ‘innovative’ 10-15 years ago. Can’t we turn over one new company that shows New Brunswick’s innovative spirit that didn’t come out of Noah’s ark?

I have the same feeling with the annual list of Canada’s Top 100 employers. Every year since Cain killed Abel, Moncton’s Medavie Blue Cross and Atlantic Lottery Corporation make this list. And nobody else. Don’t get me wrong. I love Medavie. I work for them once in a while and I can say they are a class act. Worthy of the list. A colleague of mine just got hired at Atlantic Lottery Corp – and loves it.

But there has got to be one company in Saint John. One in Fredericton. How about Bathurst? How about an alternative in Moncton?