You gotta have priorities

I, like you, have been watching the blogosphere with some interest this election cycle to assess what is motivating online comment. I do my Google blog search every other day or so as well as directly checking on the most content rich election blogs.

I was quite fascinated to assess the impact of two separate stories on the blogosphere. One was the mass distribution of the MOVEWEST magazine in the three English language newspapers in New Brunswick. This story was picked up by the CBC. The other is the auto insurance issue.

The first issue goes to what should be the very heart and soul of the election campaign. The other is an ongoing annoyance that at worst costs us a few hundred more bucks a year.

So my search of the blogosphere found no commentary on MOVEWEST (except mine) and literally dozens of comments on the cursed auto insurance. Even the Poitras blog over at CBC could only muster up three comments on MOVEWEST but 13 on auto insurance.

The massive push by western Canada to raid our best and brightest is not worthy of blogosphere debate but those evil auto insurance companies – bring it on.

It takes time to blog, you gotta have priorities.

Check back in 10 years. New Brunswick will have the best public auto insurance in the world and no cars left on the roads because we will have all moved to Alberta.